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The entirety of the Davy Back fight was such a terrible disappointment that I dare not detail the rest of my thoughts on it.

I was delightfully surprised to stumble upon the introduction of Aokiji, Admiral of the Marines and user of the ice Devil Fruit. He has given the first insight to Nico Robin's background, which interests me greatly. I'd love to know more of her! She's a very interesting character, after all, and seems to be the gateway our discovering the world's history, something that I eagerly await. Chopper, my current favorite Strawhat, skillfully saved the day by thawing his crew mates, and I always enjoy seeing Chopper's skills and know-how put to good use! I almost had a heart attack when I thought he might be stolen by the Foxy Pirates.

Anyhow, the Strawhats have just set off and come across a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean. The characters there were interesting, but appear to simply be fodder to point the crew to Water Seven. I've heard nothing but epic fangasming over the incoming Water Seven arc, and I am eager to meet Frankie, so I'm absolutely livid with excitement!

Unfortunately, I've got to stop here, just as the Strawhats set sail for the City of Water, as we're all gathering at my aunt and uncle's to watch the basketball game— something I could not care less about!

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