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Been dealing with other wikias lately, because one needs some work and another is proving quite the drama llama at times.

So my attempt to fall back into this wikia has failed and honestly... I don't think I'm much use here to be honest.  :-/

I don't have much time to chat right now so can't go onto the chat to find time and honestly?

At the moment, with the OP I'm waiting for this arc to end. Its dragging on, which is fine since I have faith in Oda and it seems to be a epic arc which will result in a big deal going down. Since Doflamingo is basically now attempting to wipe out an entire country.... If he wins, there is going to be a big cover up, if he loose this will echo throughout the world. But I feel at this point in time, it should have ended by now.

My last BF used to say that Oda is a master of panning out a storyline. In my defence on the series, I used to say its so the full story can play out. And its true, I adore that Oda does fill out things correctly. Its just you sometimes find yourself putting a few chapters on hold so you can catch up all at once, so I'm doing these days. Things don't go quick enough at times, which can be off putting when you know the result of this story will be one of those plot defining moments in the series.

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