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  • Areszzjay

    First, it is my first blog in forum, and English is not my native language, so sorry for all the typos and grammar mistakes.

    From what I've grasped in my country's OP forum...
    In Raftel, there will be a 'grand tournament' for the pirates who managed to get there and to fight for One Piece. The final challenge for getting One Piece is Shanks and the crew (I assume that Shanks knew what is One Piece and they act as 'testers' for the pirates who want it). Of course, the final battle is a 'triple threat' beetween Straw Hats, Blackbeards, and Red-haired. Luffy cs managed to win (Shanks and BB dead in an epic battle, I assume) and Straw Hats claimed One Piece!
    But, the story continued. Acclaiming One Piece, whatever it is, will trigger the big war …

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