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Replying to the post: User blog:Marcus Junior/Ship of fools One piece custom character

  • Name: Chloe Yukiri
  • profession: Scuba Diver, she may be a devil fruit user but her 5 tails help her swim since her uses her tails like a dolphins tail to move around in the water. But she can only use her chest and torso to turn around in the water. And she swims like a dolphin to be efficient in the water. She plans to be a pirate one day but since she wasn’t offered or had seen any so far she didn’t start her pirate Ark yet.
  • Race: Nekomata, 2 fluffy cat ears and 5 fluffy cat tails [Nekomata’s are people who have animal features (being animal ears and multiple tails) to their human bodies. The animal features Nekomata’s have are apart of the cat family so it can be from a wild cat to a regular house cat.]
  • bounty: 100k berries (she stole from massive marine bases. but her power allows her to change appearance so she isn’t easy to catch adding more to her bounty)
  • Actual appearance: Dirty Blonde, Female, 18 years old, Tall (6ft 2in), round glasses, dark teal eyes with grey. Black Vertical slit pupils. (Casual outfit: sleeveless White shirt with turtle neck, black flares, green jacket with dark green details) (Fancy outfit: Black short dress, fish net sleeves, long black gloves, light green corset, big black jacket. High heeled boots, light green details on jacket)
  • personality: enthusiastic, collected, proud, she tends to be outgoing when it comes to being social, she strikes up conversations. Listens to the other persona. And understands the person, she doesn’t judge immediately however she simply observes their expressions to when she talks, she has been through a lot to understand if it’s from anger because of a hurtful memory or something like that. She absolutely goes into rage mode however if anyone she cares about gets hurt in any way possible. She refuses to let her friends get hurt, not after what she went through, but she often tells dad jokes in the meanwhile
  • devilfruit: Hensō Hensō no mi (disguise disguise fruit) She can transform into anything if she remembers enough details of it. Same goes for people. To transform into something she has to have enough memory of the objects looks and enough energy for it. the more bigger the object is the more amount of energy it takes for her to stay in that form. She can even use abilities from other devil fruit users if she knows every attack from that persona. Hensō Hensō, DITTO STAR: chair? She’s a chair, table? She’s a table, nuclear bomb? (Yes) she can be that too! Hensō Hensō BULLSEYE: this can be any attack made for long range but for Chloe she turns her limbs into a black ink of some sort and she can control to since it’s her body, she can even control the ability from far away, and the ink can be pretty large depending how much blood she has in her arms. And other attacks will be worked on later
  • weapons: Gauntlets with sharp edges and it can bend too since it was made with different metal pallets so it can bend and flex around.
  • others(like fighthing style, pets, superhuman ability,etc...): she tends to go head on into fights. Her fighting style includes the martial arts while using her tails like extra limbs in battle (being using them as a shield, to grab into something, to punch someone). Her eyesight isn’t the best for being a cat since she is nearsighted.
  • runing gag: she tells a lot of dad jokes- also she made a oath to never miss a training session but if she did? She would then make herself starve for a week then go back to eating. Often makes her sick in the process-
  • laugh: heehee… (giggle) HeeHee!! (Chuckle) HAHAHEEHEEHAGA!!! (Laugh)
  • dream: to have a family she can protect, either as the mother figure, the daughter, or the sister figure, she wants a family she can call her own to protect.
  • History: Chloe was talented for being able to at least build things from just the image of something, is her eyesight the best? No but when she can see the object up close or clearly then she can rebuild the object with the right materials. But she was forced to do hobbies she never liked, being swimming, playing instruments, and much more. As Chloe grew up to around 4-7 years old she realized she was not liked by most children her age since as a Nekomata she was called a freak for her animal features. At the age of 8 she found the Hensō Hensō no mi fruit and since she was hungry she ate it, for some reason she enjoyed the taste and ate the whole thing giving her the full ability of the fruit. Then when Chloe found out about her abilities she used them to hide her animal features being shapeshifted as her human form (without the tails and ears). But since it takes a lot of energy to be in this state constantly she eats a lot of food daily. As she grew older and older she took martial arts and self defense lessons, but when she was 12 years old? That’s when her life changed.. after her lesson about the martial arts she was walking home to find her family dead in the house, their bodies covered in blood and bite wounds and missing flesh, being a 12 year old she was disgusted at the highest level of disgust. At the time the village came to the house and Chloe was holding her mother crying into her mother’s shoulder which was bloody and bitten, making it look like the fact CHLOE committed this cannibalism crime. She was driven out, she was threatened with being burned to death and being tortured to death so she was terrified and ran off, when Chloe fell into the water after being chased into the waterfall she thought she was done for until she discovered her tails could move. With this information Chloe used her tails and swam to the shore eventually after finding out which swimming style works best which was how dolphins normally swam. After she took a few months of training how to swim she swam to another island, it took months and a lot of fishing and constant searching for underwater caves with air pockets for when it was strong, but she did it. Then she had to live the rest of her life on that island as an unknown figure. She lived on that island for 6 years remaining hidden. Until she was 18 years old then she seemed like she came from a boat and reunited with society. Now that she is able to go into public again she is often payed to be a thief to steal information from marines. But she later found out the island had many pearls so she became a scuba diver to make a living with the amount of food she eats and how much it costs.