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AuroraOfDeath AuroraOfDeath 8 September 2016

One Piece Wiki: A Game of Hunger

.*puts on microphone*

-this already on? Oh.


I know, I know, very exciting!!

I should first introduce myself, I am President AoD, organisor and commentator of this Hunger Games.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Where is Jade?" Well, I couped the country and threw her in the games. Sooooooooo, who are our candidates?

YES, you're seeing it right! We have changed everyone into a character for Game of Thrones! Because screw you guys!!! I must say, most tributes do fit their character! Don't like your character? WELL TOO BAD HAHAHA!!! THIS AINT A DEMOCRACY!!

The Reaping will start TOMORROW, be sure not to miss it, ladies and gentlemen, because BLOOD WILL FALL!! HA…

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AuroraOfDeath AuroraOfDeath 28 July 2016

Chapter 834: Bring-you-ugly-son-to-an-execution-day!!!!

Sooo chapter 834 is out, let's have a look.

Let's start with the cover. So Hancock just went full teen-girl-mode and put a giant poster of Luffy on her castle-thingy. Meanwhile, that old grandma who for the love of R'hllor I can't remember the name of looks at Hancock like she's having an existential crisis, which I guess is a fair emotion to have in that very instance. The cover also reminded me of that picture of Mao Tse tung on the forbidden palace. Does that mean Luffy is the glorious leader of Amazon Lily now?! Post your tinfoil hat theories in the comments.

Talking about existential crisises, poor Sanji looks at the handcuffs his SM sister put on him. He gets flashbacks about the child abuse he got when he illegally worked as an undera…

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AuroraOfDeath AuroraOfDeath 7 April 2015

One Piece Wikia Podcast - Episode 7

Heyo ladies gentleman welcome and all that stuff. This is the OP wiki podcast yeah yeah you know how it goes.

This week our guests are:

  • Xil!
  • Calualua aka the witch!
  • Me!

It's a bit late but who cares. I blame Pau. Enjoy!

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AuroraOfDeath AuroraOfDeath 22 March 2015

Episode 685 Review - The gravity-defying bull

Helloooo ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my episode review. Well no point in lingering much further so let's begin.

The previous episode ended with the King Punch and Chinjao doing that drill attack thing which made Pica's arm break. Wonderful. Now this episode started with chapter 749, where the combatants of the colosseum start attacking the common soldier plebs of Dressrosa. Poor Cavendish is being mistreated again as he is pushed off of Ucy :(. Pica then punches the city again and somehow Ucy got on to his arm and is running upwards >_> I mean, sure it was the same in the manga but in the anime they're literally running vertically. That's one piece of a bull (huehue that pun).

Anyways, Pica notices the amazingness of Ucy and decides to …

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AuroraOfDeath AuroraOfDeath 14 March 2015

CCC: Ivankov Chronicles

Enjoy my toootally canon backstory of Iva-chan.

A man ran into the hospital with his pregnant wife in his arms.

"Quick Doctor! My wife! The baby is coming!"

The nurses brought a wheelchair and carried the pregnant woman to the operation table. The surgeon was waiting in the room for the woman.

"Doctor!" the woman yelled. Her husband was standing next to her, although his mouth started foaming because the doctor was too badass.

"Stay calm, stoopid." the doctor answered in a funny Flemish accent. He turned around and his big fuzzy afro slammed another nurse into the wall, knocking her out. But nobody cared, 'cause the doctor was badass.

"My darling, can you please put this plug into the outlet?" the doctor asked.

Once the nurse did what she was ask…

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