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Helloooo ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my episode review. Well no point in lingering much further so let's begin.

The previous episode ended with the King Punch and Chinjao doing that drill attack thing which made Pica's arm break. Wonderful. Now this episode started with chapter 749, where the combatants of the colosseum start attacking the common soldier plebs of Dressrosa. Poor Cavendish is being mistreated again as he is pushed off of Ucy :(. Pica then punches the city again and somehow Ucy got on to his arm and is running upwards >_> I mean, sure it was the same in the manga but in the anime they're literally running vertically. That's one piece of a bull (huehue that pun).

Anyways, Pica notices the amazingness of Ucy and decides to swat the bull using his newly generated arm. Geez I'm really sorry for the rebuilding the Dressrosians have to do after this mess is over. The whole capital is destroyed >_>. Luffy pulls off his amazing Grizzly Magnum for the second time ever and punches Pica's head off. Next, we're bored with an anime-only scene including Bastille and later one with Kyros.

Now we jump a chapter ahead where we see Robin and co trying to climb the net. After a hilarious Bartolomeo scene and Usopp freaking out they reach the top, and for some reason they're not joined up by Viola and Riku yet (likely next episode). The episode ends with Zoro using Kenbunshoku Haki (totally anime-only) to figure out where Pica will appear next. Completely useless but okay. Zoro then clashes with Pica as Luffy and the others ride further. Also poor Law is completely ignored ._. He didn't say a single thing iirc and I expected him to mention Corazon this episode, since it's only thing left in chapter 749, but he didn't.

Next episode we will likely see Law's mentioning of Corazon making an end of 749. And then we might get far into 750, probably not finishing the chapter since the anime needs to be careful not to get too close to the manga (currently about 30 chapters behind). That's all, hope you enjoyed. Leave a comment below what you thought about the episode. Probably won't get any comments anyways ;(

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