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Alright, the interesting events of this chapter start at the meeting between the Five Elder Stars and Admiral Sakazuki. Yes, Admiral. For some reason, the Red Dog seems to have been demoted during the past few days and is now once again an admiral alongside the likes of Kizaru, Ryokugyu, Tora Fuji and Maynard. What does this mean? Well, I'd say someone way stronger than him was promoted to be the new Fleet Admiral (possibly the mysterious "The Marine"?). Doesn't seem like that's stopping him from uttering sighs at the Elder Stars, though.

Now, Sakazuki mentions that the Doflamingo Warlords have withdrawn. Wait, the "Doflamingo Warlords"!? Yep, it seems that Doflamingo was not only a member of the Shichibukai, but also a separate group named after himself. I guess with his defeat, the whole bunch have withdrawn their support of the WG. If we go by the Shichibukai count, that means seven Doflamingo Warlords. It'll be interesting to see if they show up in the future.

We also see the missing Supernovas, Urouge and Bege for the first time after the timeskip. Bege is the more mysterious of the two, as he's seen telling his men that "Caesar will definitely take you all along with him." What connection does he have with Caesar? The shock of his crewmates make me think that it's not good. I'm guessing Bege means that Caesar will kidnap the whole crew, and this confirms that Caesar has escaped the Sunny crew.

Next the scene shifts to Kid, who offhandedly mentions that Doflamingo is controlling Kaido from the background, like it's common knowledge. Just how much does Kid know? And was Doflamingo only faking being afraid of Kaido, seeing as he's actually his boss? I wouldn't put it past him.

Finally, we hear from Smoker himself that he was undercover for 2 years in Crocodile's territory. I knew there had to be something more between those two, cause they both smoke huge cigars. So, it seems Smoker being stationed at Loguetown was just a brief break from his true, 2-year long mission of infiltrating Crocodile's organization. Essentially, he did the same thing as Vivi, though with much less success. I guess he's not as competent as he seems.

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