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First of all: The Sanji cliffhanger was still not resolved, but we did get some information: Sanji left a note and wasn't captured or anything. So he seems to have left out of own will - to deal with some personal issues, perhaps. What do you think Sanji is doing? Seems we'll find out relatively soon when Nami explains what happened.

Brook being the "corpse" was also confirmed, like many predicted. And we got some timeline clarification on Jack's attack and the Straw Hats' arrival. Also, some more named Minks. What do you think those Kings will be like?

But most interestingly, Jack is (probably) an elephant of some sort. Like his ship's figurehead. Funkfreed already has the Zou Zou no Mi though, so is this a different model or a SMILE or what? What's with all the elephant stuff lately, anyway?

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