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  • Awaikage

    Time for something different. As Dressrosa is coming to an end, I thought it'd be interesting to get everyone to throw out their predictions as to what'll happen during the aftermath. However, the point here isn't to write long paragraphs detailing the course of events, but rather to list several short random predictions that can be totally unrelated to each other. For example, here's some of my predictions:

    • The Dwarves will finally reveal their existence to the people of Dressrosa.
      • The Dwarves will use the the things they've stolen over the years to help the citizens.
    • Mansherry will use her power to restore parts of the kingdom.
    • Usopp's bounty poster will finally use his real name.
    • Kaido will make a shadowed appearance.

    Then, when it's all over, we…

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  • Awaikage

    We had a lot of big revelations in this chapter: Ope Ope no Mi's ultimate power, more Doflamingo and Law backstory and the first appearance of Corazon.

    What I want to focus on, however, is the newly promoted marine, Admiral Maynard. Apparently Maynard was promoted from Vice Admiral some time after his defeat at the hands of Barto. I wonder how someone of his level has able to attain the rank? That's already odd as it is, but we also found out that him and his fellow Marines are in fact contributing to the tragedy of Dressrosa by spreading chaos across the country! Is Maynard working with Doflamingo? Having an admiral at his disposal would give Dofla a lot of power.

    We also got confirmation that Sabo and Issho are working together and have ac…

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  • Awaikage


    November 20, 2013 by Awaikage

    R.I.P Trafalgar Law, Ch. 498-729

    As we clearly saw in the latest chapter, Trafalgar Law is no more. He fought valiantly against the evil Doflamingo, but alas, he was too weak. Doflamingo pulled out a gun and shot him three times. In his final moments, Law thought "Cora-san...!!", then passed away.

    This blog is dedicated to his memory.

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