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Since apparently the usual reviewers haven’t written down this, I took it upon myself because I wanted to say some things while I had the time.

Apparently, there’s now a side story with the Grand Fleet. I have no idea what it’s about, or even if it might involve Bellamy by default for having Luffy’s Vivre Card as well, but it should be interesting.

Back to Wano, it’s nice to see that Ace’s one-time “Koby” is all healed up and eating well. It also appears that the Kozuki Family were even more prominent in Wano than they were before Kaido started backing the snake of a Shogun. Whether that means Shoguns were once chosen by merit, or that Wano used to have a legitimate Emperor in power before things went topsy-turvy for the place is beyond me at the moment. Either way, my spider-sense tells me that world building is sure to come.

Apparently, Tama has now become a person of interest to the Beasts Pirates about “taming a beast”, which led her to be kidnapped followed by Luffy, Zoro, and the attractive female Samurai Kiku to jump in and save from the belly of the beasts itself. Things keep getting interesting, huh?

This thought just came to me, but I’m now thinking that Luffy won’t fight, or even confront Kaido at all in this arc. We don’t quite know where the latter is, and it could be like how Luffy didn’t defeat Big Mom last arc. I’m sure a fight will come eventually, but right now Ororochi and perhaps a Disaster if we’re lucky will have Luffy’s attention. At least that’s what I’m thinking.


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