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Decided to exclude a pun-like way to identify this blog because nothing comes to mind, but that's hardly important, anyway.

Not surprising that Luffy took down Holdem and "had his way around" Speed followed by doing something charismatic for Tama's people as thanks for her earlier help. Although I'm not sure if the average Headliner is weaker than him, he has always found his means to get out of a life-threatening situation, even though we'll more than likely to see Jack and hopefully more Beasts Pirates soon. What really surprised me was that both Tama's Devil Fruit power can be used on someone like Speed which adds light to why she was targeted in the first place other than the gorilla swordsman thing and how Speed seemed to have been a bit "excited" at first being "embraced" by Luffy. :) Talk about a stud.

The real kicker, however, was the stinger about Momonosuke and his group being grave marked at what's left of their old home. I probably would just assume that they just faked their deaths at some point, but Oda might find that too easy. I guess there are two explanations aside from that, which involves the Voice of All Things on one hand and a Devil Fruit power on the other. Regardless, I'm certain that we should see more characters on the Wano and Beasts Pirate fronts soon.


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