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  • I am Manly Mannington...or whatever you just said
  • CaveJohnson

    Ok i've been theorizing on One Piece for a long time a large ammount of these theories DIDN'T Come true

    But hey a recent one did (Spoiler warning for the latest Chapter)

    Sabo's back and got Ace's Flame Flame Fruit! Granted a million other people were theorizing that too probably lol

    Now on to the current theories beware for those who read the Viz Manga Watch the Funimation Dub or only watch the anime there might be some more spoilers in here

    Also I should say I normally read the Viz Manga and Funimation Dubs myself but read online Translations of the manga as well since i'm impatient so i'll be calling most everything by their english names, Warlords Emperors So on...

    Now on to the theories

    Big Mom is Lola's Mother

    Does this make sense to anyone …

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  • CaveJohnson

    So i've been reading up on the 4kids Dub and about how Entire Arcs including Reverse Mountain are entirely skipped Which means Laboon was never shown and the Calm Belts are never directly addressed I think

    So do the Calm Belts even exist in the 4kids Version? Or can they just sail straight into the Grand Line? Was this even answered? Sorry if this is an old question I couldn't find anything on this

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