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    Hello recently Vinsmoke Sanji was change back to Just Sanji by a Majority vote In my option I believe the change was unnecessary because Sanji Vinsmoke linage was reveal to the world and Sanji simply stated that he does not want to hear anything Vinsmoke and Germa before his Vinsmoke linage it was reveal to World and his bounty poster was set under his real name

    I like to hear your option on the change but let tried to civil about it because I don't want this blog to be delete it

    I also created a poll so I can determine how many people agree that Vinsmoke Sanji should be change to Just Sanji or those who doesn't agree with the Change then go the Talk and have re discuss on the talk page

    Also for any who vote for Vinsmoke Sanji or Just Sanji pā€¦

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