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DarkSkullPirates DarkSkullPirates 31 July 2015

"What's the Deal with the Sunny Crew? I'm so Confused!"

Lot's of people are confused about what's going to with the Sunny crew, and I'd like to open discussion for such things as,

  • Where are they? Was that Zou or somewhere else?
  • Who are they trying to save?
  • Who's that little girl?
  • Why are the pirates looking for a samurai? Are they looking fir Kin'emon? Kanjuro? The mysterious third samurai that they lost on the way to Dressrosa? Or a whole new one?

I'm thinking its probably one of Choppers pet projects like those kids on Punk Hazard. Whoever this is that they're saving, its a group of people and Chopper wants to save them. Also, if they barely escaped Big Mom's ship wouldn't Big Mom be after them? So we'll see that soon I guess.

This island is really strange but i'm pretty sure it's Zou due to the fa…

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DarkSkullPirates DarkSkullPirates 18 July 2015

Chapter 795 Prediction

Title: Someone Knocking

Cover: Franky riding a rhino leading a heard of rhinos on a stampede

Page 1

Green Bit, Wicca, Bian, Kabu and Gancho along with various dwarves are in the process of something, holding hammers and other various tools

Wicca: *wipes sweat off her brow* Phew I think that's it

Bian: Looks good, if I do say so myself.

Kabu: Right. Wouldnt you say, chief?

*Gancho is silent for a moment*

Gancho: ... This reminds me of two instances.... All those years ago, when my ancestors stood here, and Noland came to Green bit.... but also all those years ago when a certain pirate visited...

Page 2

*Shot of a statue of Usopp in a stoic postition, similar to the statue of Noland*

Gancho: Yes... This will work quite well. Very well done.

Kabu: All right!…

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DarkSkullPirates DarkSkullPirates 10 March 2015

CCC: Comedy

A bright day in Grand Line city...

"Officer! Officer please help! My baby is trapped in there with that maniac!!"

Makino, a young bar owner, yelled at Officer Zoro, who had just arrived to the scene of the crime.

"Huh? Your baby?" The officer grabbed the hilt of his swords and began running across the street to talk to the woman. "Yes sir! That crook Higuma took my baby and has him in there!"

The duo stands in front of the large bar, police cars surrounding the building. Officer Zoro Scratches his chin. "Well, miss.... If thats the case.... I better run in there myself!" He quickly begins running.

In the opposite direction.


A few doors down,


Madame Jor…

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DarkSkullPirates DarkSkullPirates 20 November 2014

Chapter 769 Prediction

Why not?


Title: Personal Chaos

Cover: Jinbe investigates the ruins

Page 1

Usopp is laying on the ground, but Riku walks over to him and holds out his hand. Usopp grabs it and is pulled up by the King.

Riku: Are you.. well?

Usopp: I think so. *He checks himself* No broken bones... Nose still straight. I think I'm good.

Riku: That power ... I've seen it before.

Usopp: Huh?

Page 2

Riku: The Kenbunshoku Haki. You activated it. You must really care for that captain of yours.

Usopp: So.. that was haki.. Huh... Well that's not surprising for me! The God Usopp! I uh-- I..

Riku: What?... Is everything okay..?

Page 3

Usopp begins to chuckle

Usopp: I just... all this time I've spent traveling with Luffy.. I've told lies and stuff to try and trick people. Even after t…

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DarkSkullPirates DarkSkullPirates 1 November 2014

Just Give In

They always told me I just had to give in.

Mother kills father. Father's brother, my uncle, kills mother. They take Uncle away to the nut house. I'm 13 now. Uncle breaks out and comes for me. He thinks I ratted him out. He goes after me with a big knife. I want to fight him but I tell myself "He doesn't know what he's doing." and i run. I tell the Police. He's put to death. They tell me I should've gave in.

Its a lot easier once you give in. A lot easier to do a lot of things

Lady buys me a drink in a bar. I'm 22 now. I drink one. Two. I buy her a couple. She's bought me 6 by now. I'm intoxicated. "Why don't we go back to my place, loverboy?". We go to her hotel room. I pass out. wake up for a second to her stealing my money from my satchel. …

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