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    Yo every1, i have been thinking what to write for BW so i come up with something i hope you will like it. What i come up with is prediction of how One Piece ends, so read it and review.

    One Piece Ending Leaked From one of Oda's Assistance : One Piece ends with a battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and Pirate Blackbeard ..
    Straw Hat crew is 8 while Blackbeard is 10, and as the first time he said when he set sail, he would collect 10 crew .. So two additional crew is HANCOOK and Jimbei ..
    And There is Some Event Occur Before One Piece Ending:
    - LUFFY became stronger after the death of Ace, he will master the Haki and Secret of D. and desperate to defeatBlackbeard who's at end of the story will be the strongest because he absorb all exterior po…

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  • Djoletz

    Chapter 670 Review

    June 6, 2012 by Djoletz

    Yo everyone, DJ here. This is my first blog here so i hope you will like it.

    Title:Blizzard with a chance of Slime
    Franky arm-wrestles a gorilla while Robin interferes
    Tashigi notices and attacks Luffy but he easily catches her and remarks how weak Smokey’s gotten.
    Smoker attacks with his jutte, and Luffy is surprised at how strong glasses-girl is. Robin realizes that it’s because of Law’s power, and she says so.
    Luffy: “You’re… Smokey!?” *bursts out laughing*
    “Let’s fight properly next time. There’s no point in going at it if you’re not at full strength.”
    Franky destroys the gate with his beam.
    Bits of slime fall from the sky onto the escaping Marines’ ship and emit poison gas. It attacks the Marines.
    Those who touch it are poisoned, and when they…

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