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Okay, so, first of all, the cover page. I feel like I should be happy that Pound is apparently still alive, but, honestly, I just feel disappointed. It's like finding out that Bellemere had somehow survived, it just makes his "death scene" far less emotional.

Kanjuro getting lost on his way to Orochi is as good an explanation for Orochi not knowing of the coming attack as any. I'm very curious to see whether Momonosuke is actually gonna manage to escape.

Also, as a quick, I think we first female Pleasure ever shown in the next panel.

Then we have the Strawhat war machines. I love the Black Rhino and seeing Chopper ride out on a tank was absolutely amazing. The next bit about Luffy and Zorro running ahead was hilarious to me, because it really showed how new Jinbe was to the crew. Despite having known them for a while, he was still unaware of their detrimental flaws.

Then, we get what I have been looking forward to since last chapter: Robin in Beasts Pirates gear! Yes! Yes! All of my yes! She look absolutely amazing! I love it so much!

Also, we get a really funny Brooke moment. Nothing like some good old fashioned male bonding. Love ya Brooke.

We also get a nice moment with Robin and Jinbe. I bet she's glad to have someone else as levelheaded as her on the crew.

Next up is the meeting between the Tobi Roppo and Kaido. The first thing I want to address here is Kaido's behaviour. Ulti sasses him multiple times, much to Page One's grief, yet he barely responds. One would think Kaido would be the kind of guy to shut that down immediately, but he doesn't. I guess, once you've reached a certain rank, you can just talk to him however you please. 

Oh, and, uh, HOLY CRAP! Black Maria is freekin huge! She seems almost twice as tall as King! I knew she was big but my god!

It's also confirmed that Kaido's son is alive. A shame, as I kinda liked the "Kaido's son is dead" theory. But no, he is alive and his name is Yamato. Looking forward to seeing what kind of person he is. Black Maria considers bringing him back to the feast a formidable task, which isn't surprising, considering it's Kaido's son.

And yes, Sasaki and Who's Who are both aiming for Calamity positions. We don't know all that much about them, so it's too early to tell, but I can't see either one of them beating King. Jack, maybe, but not King.

And, finally, we have Luffy's encounter with some douchebag Waiters. Yeah, seems like the plan is gonna get a bit derailed.

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