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Yo yo yooo, everyone.

Chapter 744 was pretty crazy, and looks like Sabo won the mera mera! Yaaaay!

Anyway. Doflamingo is alive, and he's not some stone copy, or a string doll, or any other goddamn naruto-esque clone. THANK GAWD. 

Any naysayers out there, I'd like to point out that not only did Pica just then arrive in the room, but he also had Doflamingo's head resting in his hand. For someone who moulds with rock on a regular basis to treat that specific hunk of rock so gingerly, he'd either have to be dumb or dumb. Or both. 

Because this isn't the case, and Doflamingo's survival is ensured even without Pica's help, Doflamingo's survival looks even more badass.

On top of that, looks like he has at least one last thing up his sleeve to fight off these developments.

Bird Cage: what is it? I'd like to think that Doflamingo, resembling a bird, would be the bird, and all of Dressrossa (or just the castle) would be the "cage". I'm just assuming this "cage" would be either one of Doflamingo's making OR it would be Pica, who would meld with the stone all around Dressrossa and form an enormous cage over the country. How cool would that be?! Notice he's literally the only one of the Donquixote Pirates' top three that hasn't completely screwed up. I'm thinking we've got a real wild card here.

That's alllllllll. See you next week for more crazy antics!


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