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Fliu Fliu 1 day ago

Chapter 1001: Supernovas vs Emperors

Basically, the entirety of this chapter is Luffy and his fellow members of the Worst Generation vs. Kaido and Big Mom.

Too bad Luffy got grazed by Kaido after the epicness of the last part of the previous chapter, but at least Kaido is impressed with Luffy to some extent. Good to see Zoro using the skill to cut fire.

Anyway, love the banter between Luffy, Law, and Kid. Gotta have some humor in the middle of the most important battle of this arc.

Kaido already overwhelmed nine strong individuals by himself (even in human form). How will five fair against two Emperors?

As they say in another story, “GO BEYOND! PLUS ULTRA!”

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Fliu Fliu 15 days ago

Chapter 1000:Wano Endgame

The big chapter has finally arrived. Luffy has reached the roof along with Zoro, Kid, Killer, and Law for the big battle against Kaido and Big Mom.

I wonder how Sanji is doing. This may be a bit of a stretch, but I hope that Sanji somehow charms Black Maria and her group into becoming allies. One thing I learned from reading this series is that things happen for a reason, so I want to believe that something good will come out of Sanji’s little blunder.

Is Marco going to fight both King and Queen by himself? Someone strong has to fight one of them so Marco can just focus on the other. And how long is Yamato going to tell stories? Is she going to get back into the fight soon? Can Jinbe defeat Who’s Who soon so he can join the fight on the roof…

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Fliu Fliu 20 December 2020

Chapter 999: One More Step to the 1000th Chapter Mark

So Kaido and his top subordinates were away when Ace showed up at Onigashima. A less exciting story, but I suppose it’s better than Kaido beating Ace down and forcing him to submit. It’s too bad the Whitebeard Pirates never went to war with Kaido despite knowing about Oden’s death. At least Marco and Izo are here now.

It’s a good thing Momonosuke and Shinobu still trust Yamato even after learning that she is Kaido’s daughter. I hope the people of Wano will be accepting of her. At least Yamato has friends who would vouch for her.

Now with Marco, Zoro, Robin, and Brook going up the castle, I wonder who will bring down King and Queen. I just hope that Sanji has not been reduced to being Black Maria’s “pet”.

Seeing Kaido just sitting on the roof …

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Fliu Fliu 13 December 2020

Chapter 998: More Ancient Zoans Revealed

This chapter just shows that it’s a great thing that Marco decides to participate in this war. I was wondering how Chopper was going to mass-produce the antidote, but this chapter also explains it. Apoo really just needs to stay down and I’m happy that Drake is fighting on the alliance’s side. What is Queen going to do? Surely, he isn’t just going to sit idly by.

Sasaki looks like a fearsome opponent to deal with, which makes me more mad at Denjiro. But like hell Franky is going to let the Franky Shogun lose.

Too bad that Jinbe has to separate from Luffy for the moment. That means Luffy would have to go to the roof by himself unless he joins up with Kid and Killer. Anyway, I know Who’s Who isn’t a foe that Jinbe can’t handle.

As for Sanji, at…

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Fliu Fliu 29 November 2020

Chapter 997: Onigashima Rising

(sigh) Why am I not surprised about Sanji’s current predicament? He really needs to improve his Kenbunshoku Haki, maybe learn how to see into the future like Luffy. I’m not going to waste my energy being upset about this. At least we all can take comfort in the fact that Sanji is not going to die because of plot armor. So what’s next for Sanji? Is he going to lay there helpless until someone or something comes to his rescue? Or can he escape on his own without any help? If it’s the second one, then good. If not, then Luffy, Zoro, and Jinbe will be my new favorite trio.

And while Sanji falls into a trap, Zoro takes down Apoo, got the antidote (hopefully it’s the real deal), and destroys Queen’s gatling gun. Thus, Zoro gets more win points in…

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