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Once again, we’re just seeing the battle between the five members of the Worst Generation and the two Emperors. So far, the Supernovas have been aiming attacks at Kaido, but what about Big Mom? I’m waiting for her to get a scratch or a bruise. I hope that Killer, Zoro, Kid, and Law did not take too much damage from Big Mom’s lightning. Apparently, Kaido does not fully recognize Enma, but Oden’s spirit is coming back to haunt him (I’m sure Zoro is tough enough to take one lightning strike). I like Kaido’s reaction when Luffy withstood his fire breath. Anyway, how long can Luffy stay in Gear Fourth?

While the battle on the roof is raging on, what about the others? Such as Carrot, Wanda, Marco, Tama, Yamato, Momonosuke, and the rest of the Straw Hats (especially Sanji). I really hope that Sanji can escape Black Maria’s clutches on his own because I hate how he bragged about having a higher bounty than Zoro, and yet, Zoro is on the roof fighting the most important battle of this war while Sanji allowed some women to make a fool out of him. If Sanji needs to be rescued, then that will only make me think more lowly of him. Once again, I pray that there is a reason for certain events to happen and that Sanji can turn his predicament into something positive that can benefit him and his allies.

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