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This battle sure has gone south for Luffy. Last week, I asked how long he can stay in Gear Fourth and now this happens. I guess he wouldn’t get worn out if he deactivated Gear Fourth on his own before reaching the time limit. Anyway, it’s about time someone attacks that big ugly woman. I wish Law used Gamma Knife to destroy Big Mom’s organs. Luffy nearly became Kaido’s chew toy. That would be a lame way to lose a battle. At least Zoro manages to wound Kaido. I hope Enma will deal the finishing blow on Kaido. It will be like Oden’s spirit getting revenge. I also hope that Luffy achieves Awakening in this battle.

I can’t believe CP-0 is also here. I hate to think what they’re going to do once this war ends. Speaking of the war, the Beasts Pirates suffered far more casualties than the alliance. I guess the Beasts Pirates grunts are only tough when they pick on those who can’t fight back. Good to know that they’re getting some comeuppance.

Looking at the panels, Orochi is still not alive; Bepo, Shachi, and Penguin are kicking butt; things are still not looking good for Sanji; Usopp, Nami, and Tama are doing something; and Yamato, Shinobu, and Momonosuke are on the alert.

Back on the roof, it appears that Kaido and Big Mom are impressed enough to actually enjoy the battle. However, things are only going to get worse for the five Supernovas.

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