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Looks like we’re getting a break from the action on the roof. I guess it’s not yet time to see Kaido’s hybrid form.

Anyway, this chapter just delivered one of the things I had been hoping for: Tama putting her dangos to good use. Oh the sweet irony. Too bad Kaido is too preoccupied on the roof to see Tama’s handiwork.

Franky is making some progress in his fight with Sasaki. The Tobiroppo lost his squad and Franky dealt a blow to him. Nami also inflicted some damage on Ulti, but it’s still not enough to keep her down. Too bad Nami no longer have Zeus at her disposal.

As for Sanji, it pains me to say that things just went from bad to worse for him. Is talking tough and yelling the best Sanji could do against Black Maria? This is just getting sad. And Black Maria is showing a more vicious side. Sanji is just lucky that he hasn’t been maimed or butchered. In spite of the current situation, I’ve seen many times that things go worse before they get better so I’ll patiently wait for Sanji’s epic comeback (hopefully, it’ll be in the next chapter).

Though the Scabbards are away from Kaido and Big Mom, they are still not safe. If Sanji can stall Black Maria long enough for Robin and Brook to come and fight her, then that would be great.

As for the mysterious person who is with the Scabbards, I’m guessing it’s Hiyori. If Tama gets a role in this war, then why not her? Besides, I doubt that any major role for Hiyori in this arc would just end with her parting ways with Zoro and Kawamatsu.

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