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It is a good thing that Luffy's capture wasn’t a huge hindrance to Kin'emon's plan. The alliance is lucky that Kaido is not being thorough. He could have ordered his subordinates to search Wano for any signs of Luffy's crew or has Kaido even thought of interrogating Luffy. The other Straw Hats must have real faith in Luffy if even Usopp can do his job calmly. I remember what a nervous wreck he was when he first heard the prospect of making Kaido an enemy. On another note, Shinobu really sucks under pressure. It's a bad sign if Nami says she is unfit for battle.

And now we're back to Udon prison. It's nice to see Luffy and Kid are getting along so well and I'm satisfied that they are being a pain to the prison guards and not the other way around. We also saw Caribou again after his cover story. Since he is still a prisoner, I guess Caribou has no intention of pledging loyalty to the Beasts Pirates so Luffy has another potential ally. And we are introduced to another strange SMILE user. It's amazing of what the imagination can bring. I wonder how long it took for Dobon to adjust to his body after eating his fruit. If this keeps up, the Beasts Pirates may surpass the Big Mom Pirates in terms of weirdness.

Kaido really made the same cliché mistake of not killing Luffy when he had the chance. By the time he actually decides to kill Luffy, I'm confident that Luffy will be tough enough not to get one-shotted. Taking down Dobon is a good sign for Luffy and Kid. It's only a matter of time before the prison riot starts.

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