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Things are going along nicely for Luffy. Raizo already infiltrated Udon prison and found the keys to Luffy's handcuffs but just need a little longer before he can get them. However, I'm still sure that Luffy isn't going to leave without freeing the other prisoners and starting a riot. The story of how Kid lost his arm and what he was doing in Big Mom's territory was interesting. He sure got guts picking fights with Yonko crews. I'm not surprised that Luffy and Kid would argue over who will defeat Kaido. After all, Luffy did get into an argument on who will defeat Doflamingo in the Dressrosa Arc. Like the final fight with Doflamingo, I'm certain that in the final fight with Kaido, Luffy will start off teaming up with some allies (such as Kid and Law) for a while until the battle leads to one-on-one between Luffy and Kaido.

Another highlight of the chapter is that Komurasaki is revealed to have a dark side. The way she tricked men and took their money was harsh. I wonder if being turned to stone by Hancock is a blessing compared to what Komurasaki did to her victims. Here is the big question. Is she going to be another “evil” woman to be redeemed like Hancock and Pudding? There is a possibility that she could be Hiyori. The thief Shutenmaru who even takes from the poor is revealed to be one of Oden's old allies so it's not unreasonable to suspect that Komurasaki could be Momonosuke's sister. If that's the case, then I would assume that her being cruel stems from the fact that she was left all alone in a country corrupted by Orochi and Kaido and she did whatever it took to survive. On an unrelated note, I'm worried about Sanji. Hopefully, Komurasaki will not get a chance to play Sanji like a fiddle. It would definitely make me mad if Sanji becomes another victim.

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