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To start off, Minatomo no longer has the blueprints that Franky needs. I have no idea what Minatomo was thinking selling the blueprints, but that could be another complication to the alliance’s plans. Hopefully, whoever currently has the blueprints is a friend and not a foe.

Next up, we see Zoro made a new friend and is heading back to the Flower Capital assuming he doesn't turn to the wrong direction along the way.

The next highlight of the chapter is Orochi making his first full appearance and what I didn't expect to see was CP-0 negotiating with him. Are there any other parties that are going to be involved? I hope that Big Mom doesn't come and complicate things further. Since Robin is also attending the banquet, this is her big chance to do her part.

Finally, we see Drake again in his hybrid form and a newly introduced Headliner that is not a SMILE user. Apparently, there is a group that is considered to be the strongest of the Headliners and two of them (with Hawkins accompanying them as well) are after Sanji. I don't doubt Sanji's abilities but fighting them would draw more unwanted attention. Sanji is great in terms of raw strength but Hawkins' powers are a huge concern. Law already failed to stop Luffy from getting into trouble so I wonder if he is going to drag Sanji away if necessary. For the time being, all we can do is guess how things will go down.

There is only one week left before the Fire Festival and a lot of things can still happen during this time.