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At last, Sanji's raid suit is revealed. Guess it's not yellow as I originally though, but Stealth Black Sanji doesn't sound bad at all. The Vinsmokes' parting gift also granted what Sanji desired: invisibility. Even though Sanji still hates Germa, at least the suit doesn't take away his ability to swim, not like the Devil Fruit he wanted to eat before. Hopefully, Sanji doesn't forget the reason why he has to defeat Page One quickly. And hopefully, Page One will be lying on the ground beaten and Sanji is long gone by the time Drake and Hawkins arrive at Page One's location. I also pray that Drake and Hawkins don't resort to attacking the innocent like Page One did.

Looks like Robin has found herself in a predicament. Hopefully she doesn't suffer another unfortunate incident like the time she was turned into a toy by Sugar.

After the previous chapter, I had hoped that Big Mom would go away for a very long time but unfortunately, it appears that she is here to stay. And the biggest surprising moment for me so far is Big Mom having amnesia. Gotta hand it to Oda for coming up with something unexpected. But the big question is how long will Big Mom's amnesia last. I hate to think what she's going to do when she regains her memories. I also hope that she won't have another one of her craving tantrums though I won't mind if she does some damage on Kaido's island. Since Big Mom is still at Wano, then there's reason to believe that her children are not too far away and I doubt they'll suffer amnesia like her. I have been looking forward to the big war against the Beasts Pirates, but Oda is making this arc way more complicating. Even if the Straw Hats could take advantage of Big Mom's memory loss, it will only be temporary.