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Well things are looking grim for the alliance as their plan is falling apart. As usual, things get worse before they get better. The question is how are they going to get better. As I wonder if there is a traitor, I also remember that unanswered question of how the Beasts Pirates located Zou. Inuarashi wondered about that back in Chapter 824.

Anyway, the highlight of this chapter is that the woman Zoro protected revealed herself to be Hiyori, assuming that her claim is true. And the map after the last page not only indicated that Komurasaki is alive but she is also Hiyori as well. If this woman and Komurasaki are indeed one and the same, then I'll give Kyoshiro some credit for making everyone believe she's dead.

By the way, I cannot ignore that panel with Sanji's swollen face. It's even worse than what his brothers inflicted. If only angry Nami can be just as threatening to the enemy as to her crewmates.

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