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First, I want to say some things about the previous chapter. So it turns out that the three men who were swindled were actually completely rotten to the core. I know they sold their families, but I thought it was because of their stupidity. Anyway, that gives me less reason to doubt Hiyori.

Speaking of Caribou, I think it may be a good thing that Raizo freed him. With his powers, Caribou can easily hide and make guards disappear. I have to give him some credit for not becoming Kaido's lackey. His cover story did show that he does have some backbone. He did choose to save that granny when he could have just escaped and he allowed Drake to capture him to protect that granny.

And then there's Big Mom, who is closing in on the prisoner mines. All I can say is cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Now on to this chapter. The highlight is that Tonoyasu is revealed to be the Witching Hour Boy and that he has been captured. I understand Toko and Hiyori rushing out to save him, but I hope they don’t end up needing to be saved as well. At least we got an explanation on the connection Tonoyasu has with the Kozuki Family.

As for Luffy and Hyogoro, I hope they have a way to remove those collars. If Luffy is going to fight Queen, then I think he has a better chance if he's not confined to that ring. I wonder what Kid is up to now. He needs to remove his Seastone cuff before he can do anything significant. Hopefully, he's still somewhere nearby.

Anyway, it's about damn time that Zoro is reunited with another Straw Hat member. And before I end this blog, here's a big question. Is anyone starting to ship Hiyori and Zoro?

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