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First of all, this chapter gives an explanation for the question I had for the previous chapter.

Besides that, the best part of the chapter for me is Zoro and Sanji finally meeting again. It's going to be just like old times. Too bad that Toko had to get into trouble again.

This may sound harsh, but if Toko is going to be an annoying side character who is only good at getting into trouble and needs saving, then I won't feel sorry for her if she dies. I get that she cares about her father, but that's no reason to pointlessly put herself in danger. Did she even ask herself what could she do? Now that Orochi has seen Toko, no doubt he wants to make sure she's dead this time. I’m sure Orochi is beneath Zoro and Sanji, but let's not forget that Drake and Hawkins are nearby. Is there going to be another battle or will Zoro and Sanji just grab Toko and disappear? Hopefull, Orochi won't discover Hiyori as well. Orochi believing her to be dead is a big break for her and Toko better not ruin it.

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