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It's nice to see Zoro and Sanji with their usual bromance again. While I never expected much from Orochi, I never thought he would need someone to shield him and run from a fight. In any case, he's not going to be happy that Toko was saved from his wrath again. Since Luffy's comrades were shown on the broadcast, will the Beasts Pirates be hunting down the Straw Hats (something that Law was worried about before all this chaos happened)? Nice going Toko, you probably just made things harder for the Straw Hats. Sorry, I currently don’t have a reason to like her. She picked a dumb way to get on Orochi's hit list and Hiyori got hurt for it. Toko better be grateful that she is fortunate to have met people who are kind enough to protect her. The bright side is that Orochi hasn't discovered Hiyori yet.

Since Franky retrieved Yasu's body, the alliance can give him a proper burial, assuming Oda isn't going to pull a he's-still-breathing-he's-not-dead-yet scenario. Until he's buried, I’m open to the possibility that Yasu still lives.

Now that Kid is back in Udon prison, that means he is going to have a part in the upcoming prison revolt after all. What surprised me is that Kamazo is actually Killer. This is a better twist than that Hiyori reveal. At least it's good to know that the assassin isn't Denjiro.

And finally, Big Mom has arrived at the prison. It's about to get even more chaotic. She may help Luffy at first, but things are bound to get worse along the way. It's either her regaining her memories or having a hunger tantrum. I will be surprised if none of these happen. You don't suppose that fighting a berserk Big Mom is how Luffy will master that technique he was trying to learn, do you?

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