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It appears that Kid is not teaming up with Luffy, not at the moment anyway. I'm sad that my prediction of Luffy and Kid starting a prison uprising together turned out to be wrong, but I’m sure Kid still has a role to play in this arc. Kid better not get captured again. Luffy looks terrible. Didn't he already looked terrible once in the Whole Cake Island Arc before Sanji gave him that bento box? If Chopper isn't in Udon, what the hell is Luffy going to do? The Beasts Pirates outside Udon may not know about the prison takeover, but I doubt it's going to remain unnoticed for 8 days.

The bright side is that Ashura finally comes around. It's sad that not everyone could wait for 20 years. Every time I see how bad Wano is, it's all the more reason why the alliance must win.

At least Zoro and Hiyori are safe. I hope that the other Straw Hats made it out safely as well. While I'm glad that Zoro is determined to avenge Yasu, I would prefer if one of the Scabbards fight Orochi. Zoro has bigger fish to fry. If he's going to continue on his path to become the world's greatest swordsman, he can't settle with anyone less than an All-star just like Luffy can't settle with anyone less than Kaido.

Is Hiyori really going to try to kill Orochi? I hope that Hiyori isn't just going to end up as another damsel in distress. This arc already has two girls who needed saving, Tama and Toko, and I already had enough of Shirahoshi and Rebecca. Then again, if Sanji competes with Zoro on who gets to save Hiyori, then that's an idea I’ll be fine with.

While the previous chapter ended on a positive note, this one ends on a down note. Law has been captured. I didn’t think that the alliance could suffer any more setbacks. I hope Law has some cunning plan. Otherwise, the alliance will have to add rescuing him on their agenda.

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