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A lot of things are happening in this chapter. Zoro fights Gyukimaru again, Zoro meets Kawamatsu, Hiyori reunites with Kawamatsu, and the yakuza bosses in Udon are introduced.

This chapter has shown plenty of good news. Chopper took care of the Mummy virus, Ashura has the blueprints of Kaido's fortress, Gyukimaru is an ally and he got weapons to give. Oh and Babanuki is still alive. I’m surprised he can still talk after what happened to him. At least Tama turned him into an ally. Kaido won’t be happy if he finds out that the fruits he had been using to strengthen his crew can be turned against him. Hopefully, Sanji and Shinobu will be successful in rescuing the prisoners in the Flower Capital and Law getting himself out of his predicament. Anyway, the ordeal in the Udon shows that the alliance will need defensive measures against bio weapons.

Of course Kaido and Big Mom are still fighting. However, I’m sure Kaido isn’t planning on missing the Fire Festival, but I hope he will be too busy for the next 8 days. If he's not close to finishing off Big Mom on that decisive day, then Kaido will have to do something underhanded to finish the fight.

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