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First, let's start with the small stuff. Momonosuke and Hiyori each got a sword from Oden and Zoro decides to accept Enma. Kin'emon receives Yasuie's last message and explains how to read it. Luffy continues with his training without any enemies breathing down his neck. Law is now free and Hawkins is subdued. And it turns out that Apoo has been working for Kaido since before Kaido's arrival at Kid's hideout.

Now for the one thing that stands out in this chapter. Kaido and Big Mom stop fighting and decide to form an alliance. When I first saw the spoilers, I was like “What the hell?!” I was expecting them to keep each other busy for the next few days by clashing, not go buddy buddy with each other. I hate to think what this could mean for Luffy's alliance. I’m just going to see where Oda is going with this, but I’m sure we can all agree that fighting two Yonko during the decisive battle is a tall order. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that Kaido plans to backstab Big Mom. Pirates don’t shy from betrayal after all.

So Oda, what other surprises are you going to come up with? Is Sanji and Zoro going to go buddy buddy too? Is Tama going to tame Kaido? Is Hiyori really going to kill Orochi?

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