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It's a shame that Oden was so naïve. As Kaido said, things would have turned out differently if Oden did not waste the past five years being a foolish lord. I do give Oden credit for wounding Kaido, but it does not change the fact that the time he spent embarrassing himself amounted to nothing. Curse that old hag for using such a cheap trick.

It seems that fate always ensures that the Straw Hats will be in conflict with big bad guys. If Law had not run into Vergo on the night Rosinante died, then Doflamingo's plans would have been exposed. If Shirahoshi had turned Hody in, then the Straw Hats would not have to fight him and his crew. If Oden had rallied the people instead of making them hate him (before Hyogoro's capture), then there's a chance that Orochi and Kaido would have been overthrown.

So Oden was able to scratch Kaido but could not break through a Bari Bari no Mi barrier. If this barrier can block a Yonko's attack, then this fruit would be OP. Then again, Bartolomeo did say that he cannot block attacks from something huge like Pica's giant stone form so I guess a barrier won’t stop Kaido's fire breath attack. I’m glad the current user of the Bari Bari no Mi is on Luffy's side.

There's one thing I’ve been wondering. During his introduction, it was said that Kaido suffered defeats before, but if Kaido was never wounded until he fought Oden, then how was Kaido defeated before? Anyway, who will be the next to harm Kaido? Luffy or Zoro?

One thing I noticed in this chapter is that Shinobu apparently did not have a fear of sharp objects back then. So what could have happened to her to make her develop that fear?

Since we already knew that Oden's death is coming, hopefully Oda get this over with in the next chapter and doesn’t have to spend more than one chapter afterwards to get back to the present.

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