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First, I’m going to talk about the cover page. It appears that Pound survived. On one hand, I should be happy that Pound has a chance to properly reunite with his daughters, but on the other hand, I feel that this ruins the impact of his self-sacrifice. So who else turns out to still be alive? Pedro? Yasuie? Even if Pedro wasn’t killed instantly from that explosion, shouldn’t he be too wounded to escape Totto Land on his own?

Anyway, Luffy is once again in a position to cause trouble. Him going to stop the Kid Pirates from causing a commotion? Who is he kidding? Causing a ruckus is what he’s good at. Judging by the I’m-going-to-end-their-whole-career look on Luffy’s face, I’m sure some Beasts Pirates are about to feel the force of Luffy’s fists.

So the reason the alliance was able to reach the island was because Kanjuro got lost. How convenient. It’s a bit late to warn Orochi. Someone’s about to crash the party.

I’m curious about the significance of the disappearance of Kaido’s son. While it would be interesting to see a fight between the Tobiroppo and the All-Stars, I wonder how long they will be searching for Yamato. And will they be distracted by the disturbances that are going to arise?

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