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First of all, I sure hate being in Momonosuke’s position right now. He is now in Orochi’s hands. What are the chances of Momonosuke escaping on his own now? However, Kanjuro was still too late to inform Orochi of the rebels. They did made a smart move by sinking their ships after disembarking. Even though Kanjuro is despicable, I still can’t forget how helpful he was back in the Dressrosa Arc (he did help Usopp stop Sugar from turning Luffy and Law into toys and he did help slow down the Birdcage). At least, I respect Kanjuro more than I can say for Orochi. Unlike Kanjuro, Orochi is not prepared to face death himself.

It seems that Nekomamushi has not been told of Kanjuro’s treachery. If that’s the case, Nekomamushi will be in for a harsh surprise if he runs into him just like Sasaki when he ran into Denjiro. I would end Sasaki’s life right after restraining him, but I guess Oda will just keep him alive for a big battle later on.

Usopp, Chopper, Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu are in big trouble right now. I hope Big Mom doesn’t smash the Brachio Tank or Franky won’t be able to use the General Franky. And where is Sanji right now? Since we can’t count on him to fight Big Mom for obvious reasons, I assume he is going to save Nami, Carrot, and Shinobu from Prometheus. At least Kin’emon and his forces don’t have to face Big Mom for time being.

Lastly, is Luffy going to have a big fight against two of the Tobiroppo?

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