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It didn’t take long for Kanjuro to confront his former comrades. I was worried that he was hunting Hiyori. Inuarashi got a sword leg. As for the panels showing Kiku’s sword dripping with blood and Kiku crying, please tell me that Kiku struck down Kanjuro and was crying because she had to fight someone whom she once believed to be a comrade. Honestly, I hate seeing Kanjuro with a sinister face so I hope that’s the end of him.

Yamato sure had a rough life, but that’s not surprising since we already saw how cruel Kaido can be. If she’s really honest about wanting to fight Kaido, then I hope the Wano rebels can look past her relationship with Kaido and accept her.

Nami, Carrot, and Zeus have been captured by Big Mom, but at least Nami and Carrot did not appear to suffer severe injuries. I wonder where did Shinobu go. I hope Sanji’s search for prostitutes was worth it. Even if he does something epic along the way, I say that his reason for separating from his group in the first place was still dumb. It would be great if Sanji uses his raid suit’s invisibility to rescue Momonosuke, but if he can at least defeat a majority of the Tobiroppo, a majority of Orochi’s ninja squad, or one All-Star, then I’ll give Sanji lots of praises. Hey, I’ll be happy as long as Sanji doesn’t suffer a humiliating beatdown by one of the female enemies.

Now, for the highlights of the chapter. Kaido explains his end game and decides to dispose of Orochi. Not going to lie, I was taken aback by Kaido’s sudden decision to kill Orochi. However, I’m well aware of Oda’s history with fake outs so I’m not letting my guard down just yet. On one hand, I’m glad that Kaido turned on Orochi. Supporting a scumbag who only relies on the strength of others is beneath Kaido. On the other hand, that death wouldn’t be satisfying since Orochi would be escaping judgement from the Wano people. It’s ironic that Orochi spent 20 years fearing some samurais only to be betrayed by the one whom he considered to be his biggest supporter.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to see how the raid goes. By the way, where is Caribou? I haven’t seen him since the Udon takeover.

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