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Poor Pound. He survived some harsh ordeals back in Totto Land, risk his own life for Chiffon, and he finally got the chance that was denied to him for so long. And his daughters just left him. Oh well, there may be still hope for him. As long he lives, he can find his daughters again.

I hope Kanjuro is down for the count because I don’t want to bring myself to completely hate him. Truthfully, I don’t fault him for becoming Orochi’s puppet. I only blame the stupid violent people who believed that heritage was enough reason for persecution. It’s not easy fighting someone who you once trusted for so long, but it had to be done. I want Kanjuro to stay down while I still have pleasant memories of the man he pretended to be. If Orochi wasn’t a coward who only hides behind his allies, I might have some sympathy for him.

There are some good news in this chapter. The Scabbards (except the traitor) are together again; Shinobu got away from Big Mom; and Yamato is freed from her handcuffs and she disowns her father. Good to know that Kaido and Big Mom have something in common concerning parenting.

I’m not surprised that Orochi’s subordinates decided to join Kaido. Speaking of Orochi, is he really not coming back? The reason I don’t want him to die just yet because I don’t want him to get off so easily. But I still smile looking at his pathetic face as his head lies on the floor.

I give Momonosuke credit for not lying to save himself. Though he still cries when trying to be brave, he still deserves some respect. I’m sure his parents and sister would be proud.

And finally, the raid has reached the critical point. The all-out attack on the Beasts Pirates has officially begun. After kissing the enemy’s feet for 20 years, Denjiro finally got the chance to vent his pent-up rage. I’m surprised that Luffy lets someone else has the first strike. Zoro and Kid seem to be still having fun, but the real fights are just beginning. I hope Marco has dealt with the Perospero problem so he can also join in. With an army of invaders to deal with, I think completing Kaido’s task will be the least of the Tobiroppo’s worries. There’s also no telling how Kaido will retaliate after the Scabbards’ attack. It would be bad if Kaido transforms into his dragon form and starts breathing fire everywhere. Since he was planning on moving his base anyway, I don’t think he would care much about collateral damage. And let’s not forget that the All-Stars and Big Mom are right there too. Who knows what Big Mom is going to do once she sees Luffy. Anyway, Onigashima is about to be engulfed in fire and destruction.

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