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Is Pound serious? Is he really trying to swim after Bege’s ship? I hope he doesn’t get hit by a cannonball and sink. That would be a rough way to go after what he went through. If it wasn’t for the Marines, Lola and Chiffon might have stayed and hear him out. Let’s pray that nothing stops him from having a proper reunion with his daughters.

I’m disappointed that this chapter doesn’t show the Sulong minks in action. How convenient for the minks that Jack came to the roof of the Skull Dome. Now the minks can pay Jack in kind, and with interest (at least I hope so). Sulong Carrot was able to do so much damage by herself. I’m going to assume that the lesser enemy grunts will be wiped out in a blink of an eye.

Well Sanji, good to see you back in action. I’m not going to ask how his search for prostitutes went. I’m just glad that he’s contributing to the raid. Good thing Momonosuke’s chains were not Seastone. Anyway, Sanji will have all the time to think about women AFTER the raid is over. Come on Sanji! Make us proud and kick some major butt! Zoro, Kid, and Law, hurry up and fight some big shots! Yamato, please don’t take too long fighting Ulti. Shinobu, take better care of Momonosuke this time… and I’m still waiting to see you give Law an apology!

I’ve been hoping that Luffy leaves a big fist imprint on Big Mom’s face, but seeing her get run over was still satisfying. Is this really the end of Nami and Zeus’ friendship? What are Jinbe and Robin doing right now? Weren’t they at the Live Stage?

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