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Why do I have a feeling that Lola and Chiffon won’t be easily convinced? I mean, anyone could have taken that picture.

Way to make a first impression Yamato. When is she going to learn that she cannot be Oden, just like Luffy can’t be Roger? She can only be her own person. To be on the safe side, she better not mention about Kaido being her father. By the way, where is Ulti?

I like how Franky and Jinbe don’t give a damn about Big Mom. Speaking of her, it’s just one embarrassing situation after another. Not that I’m complaining. I agree with Jinbe saying that she’ll be coming back angrier than ever, but hey, screw her.

The Numbers do pose a problem for the lesser rebels, but nothing the Straw Hats can’t handle. Nice to have more info on them though.

And here we have another group shot of the Straw Hats. It’s like the one in the Fish-man Island Arc, only this time Jinbe is an official member. Come on Sanji, put your Raid Suit back on. You look cool in it. Anyway, Luffy is going to need some help getting past King and Queen.

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