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It was sure nice of Lola and Chiffon to help Pound out. Is this the moment Pound has been seeking or will fate have other plans?

Of course Sasaki is going to be freed at some point. Thanks a lot Denjiro for not killing him. Now I wonder who in the alliance will have to deal with the consequences.

Finally, we get to see the Sulong minks in action. Of course Jack wasn’t going down without a fight, but damn, the minks are really bringing the pain to him. Back at Zou, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi were able to fight Jack individually, and assuming that nothing goes wrong, how will Jack fair against both of them in their Sulong forms? Also, is Kaido just going to stare as his men are getting decimated?

This chapter just confirms that the Tobiroppo can forget about their chance to challenge the All-Stars. So far, I’m not impressed with the Numbers. Powerful individuals making short work of giants isn’t something that wasn’t already seen. In regards to what Luffy said, I don’t think the Numbers are as tough as Oars was. The giant the Straw Hats fought back in Thriller Bark was a zombie implanted with Luffy’s shadow.

And lastly, we have the chapter’s highlight and what I consider to be an expectation subversion. It turns out that Queen and Who’s Who both wanted to kill Drake and not each other as I previously thought. Since the jig is up for Drake, at least we won’t have to worry about him fighting on the Beasts Pirates’ side. Now the alliance will have to worry about five Tobiroppo (would have been four if Denjiro had killed Sasaki). Anyway, I wonder how many people know that Koby thinks highly of Luffy.

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