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Well it looks the cover story has a happy ending. Hopefully, the people of Wano will get one too.

Kiku still has a sword to use, but she’s going to have to fight with one arm. Too bad the one person who could reattach her arm is apparently nowhere close at the moment. So Kaido decides to continue the fight in human form. I guess his dragon form only makes him a bigger target.

And seriously, how ridiculous can the appearances of SMILE users be? How they live with these bizarre forms is beyond me.

The Ice Oni plague is getting worse by the minute. Queen is certainly one twisted bastard. It’s unfortunate that Robin’s powers are useless here. Getting the antidote from Apoo is one thing, but how is Chopper going to mass-produce it in the middle of a war zone?

Not much happened between Yamato and Sasaki, other than Yamato tanking an attack and she sending one of Sasaki’s men flying. Just thinking about how Denjiro could have prevented this irks me. I’ve been wondering. If Yamato wants to be like Oden, then why doesn’t she use katanas?

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