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One good thing is that Marco has not been critically injured yet. Another good thing is that Wanda and Carrot are able to see the full moon. Hopefully, they can take out Perospero before their Sulong forms wear them out. Perospero is not even one of the Three Sweet Commanders so he can’t be as tough as Jack, right?

I don’t envy Apoo’s position right now. I hope he really does have the real antidote and Zoro and Drake were not wasting their time. The alliance is now in a tough spot with Chopper infected. However, there is still one other doctor who can help. Hurry up Law! The alliance needs your help! At least Brook does not have to worry about the Ice Oni virus. I guess it’s one of the many benefits of being nothing but bones. I wonder where the Heart and Kid Pirates are right now.

Nami and Usopp sure had a rough time with Ulti and Page One. And I never really thought that Tama and Komachiyo would show up. Is Tama going to turn the SMILE users into allies like I hope for? Hopefully, her power will work for any zoan. Any hopefully, the next time we see Yamato, she is able to rectify Denjiro’s mistake.

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