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Kaido's sudden appearance in the Kuri region is what I would say horrible timing. Kin'emon already told Luffy's group not to be discovered, but Jack already has been made aware of Luffy's presence and is searching for him so Kin'emon's plan is already facing complications. And what's worse is that Kaido orders Jack to capture his enemies immediately. So basically, the Straw Hats are facing a conundrum and we already saw what Jack is capable of when it comes to his missions.

Right now, I see two choices for the Straw Hats. The first one is remain hidden even if it means letting Jack slaughter innocents and there probably won't be anything left to save in the Kuri region by the time of the Fire Festival. The second choice is fight Jack and protect the people, but in doing so, get Kaido's attention and face the risk of starting the war with the Beasts Pirates prematurely. Because of the Straw Hats' morality, they would go with the second option.

As it stands, I'm guessing that Jack would be the first major enemy to go down like Cracker in the Whole Cake Island arc. Unfortunately, the Straw Hats would only face a bigger problem after subduing Jack. Kaido would be furious and he'll either decide to finish the job himself or send an army like Big Mom did after Cracker's defeat.

How would Kin'emon continue with his plan? If Kaido remains unaware of the rebel samurai and the minks, then that would be the only advantage that Kin'emon has left.

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