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It's about time the Revolution Army makes a decisive move against the World Government. Dragon, Sabo, and the revolutionary executives only specified on targeting the World Nobles and they did not say anything about the Gorosei or any of the royals attending the Reverie. Perhaps, they aim to bring down the World Nobles before going after the government leaders. I suppose they need to gain the people's trust and vilify the government before they focus on dismantling the current world order. By taking down the World Nobles, the Revolutionary Army could gain support from countries that suffered at the hands of those tyrants. While I'm looking forward to see the World Nobles get what's coming to them, I'm curious on what exactly the Revolutionary Army plans to do. Freeing the slaves at Mariejois is something the revolutionaries would do, but I think it will benefit everyone if they make sure the World Nobles don't enslave anyone again. If I were the Revolutionary Army, I would take some of the World Nobles prisoner and kill the rest. In any case, I can't wait to see how Dragon's upcoming declaration of war would shake the World Government to its core. Doflamingo did say that the World Nobles will eventually fall off their high horses, so I wonder if that time is coming.

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