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Sanji: ok I'm leaving the cake in your hands. You better not do anything to it before Big Mom eats it.

Bege: do not worry. You can leave the cake to me.

Sanji then leaves Bege's ship with Pudding and heads back to the Thousand Sunny.

Bege: (whispers to himself) Screw you Black Leg. I’ve come so far and I'm not about to pass up on a chance to kill that lousy old hag. In the world of pirates, it's the law of the jungle you fool.

As the Fire Tank Pirates lure Big Mom away from the Sunny, Bege secretly orders his men to poison the cake and they do so without Chiffon noticing. They later reach Funwari Island, drop the cake off, and flee.

Big Mom eats the whole cake, enjoys it, and lies on the ground in bliss. Not knowing that Big Mom has been poisoned, Perospero proudly informs Totto Land that Big Mom's craving rampage has ceased. A while later, Big Mom is still lying on the ground with a smile.

Perospero: Mama, I'm glad you enjoyed the cake. The Straw Hats, Sun Pirates, and Germa 66 are at Cacao Island and if we hurry, we can catch them.

Big Mom does not respond. As the Fire Tank Pirates sail away from Funwari Island on a tarteship, Bege has a smirk on his face. Perospero continues to wait for Big Mom to wake up. He then receives a report that homies all over Totto Land are falling one after another.

Perspero: What is this?! No! This can't be! Mama!

He quickly checks for a pulse and there is none.

Peropero: That bastard! So the cake was poisoned after all!

He then frantically contacts Mont-d'Or and informs him of the news, leaving the Big Mom Pirates at Whole Cake Island utterly speechless.

Germa 66 and the Sun Pirates are able to withdraw, leaving the Big Mom Pirates with absolutely nothing. Jinbe part ways with his former crew for real this time. He later catches up to the Sunny and Luffy is extremely overjoyed to see him.

Luffy: Jinbe! Welcome to my crew!

Jinbe: it will be my honor, captain.

Luffy: alright! Lets head for Wano!

The news of Big Mom's demise spread like wildfire. The giants all over the world praise the Straw Hats and Fire Tank Pirates for Big Mom's downfall. Hajrudin becomes even more proud to be part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. Katakuri becomes the leader of the Big Mom Pirates and as Totto Land faces constant invasion from numerous pirate crews, Katakuri struggles to keep his family and crew together.