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Well, the good news is that there's no break next week meaning that Kaido will get to cover the big and important 900th chapter while I get the sloppy seconds of reviewing chapters 899 and 901.  :(

Anyways, this chapter served as a nice setup for what's to come next week in chapter 900.  It feels good to see some refreshing faces in this chapter especially with Judge and the Sun Pirates. 

We start off with the Big Mom Pirates panicking over Big Mom and what's to come with the consumption of the Wedding Cake. Perospero speculates on 3 consequences: 1. Big Mom eats the possible poisoned cake and dies which would end the Big Mom Pirates Empire. 2. Big Mom becomes immune to the poison and dislikes the taste thus continuing her rampage. 3. Big Mom becomes immune to the poison, but she actually likes the taste and everything goes back to normal for the Big Mom Pirates and the people of Tottoland. Meanwhile, Morgans and Stussy have already left Whole Cake Island while people start to evacuate. Some people even start to blame Chiffon for betraying her family by aiding Bege and I do find it funny how Bege goes into his tank mode and carry his wife. As it relates to the cake, I think it will be eaten next week and Big Mom will probably faint from the deliciousness.

Meanwhile, Smoothie and Daifuku begin their attack on the Straw Hats, but Judge interferes. Judge then proceeds to scold Sanji for being worthless and not having any royal blood within him. However, what makes this chapter great is Luffy's stupidity in which he thanks Judge for "complementing" Sanji. Oh Luffy, never change.

Finally, when all hope is lost and the Straw Hats are surrounded by Smoothie's fleet, another wild card is thrown into play - IT'S THE SUN PIRATES TO THE RESCUE! Good thing Wadatsumi is a good guy. I like how the chapter ends with Aladdin reminding Jinbe about the promise to leave the Sun Pirates to join the Straw Hats. There's a good chance that 900 will be highlighted by Big Mom eating the cake and Jinbe (and possibly Carrot) officially joining the Straw Hats.

What will happen in chapter 900? I can't wait to find out!

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