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First of all, shame on Kaido for slacking off on last week's review, he has the even numbered chapters while I have the odd numbered chapters.  Second, it was kinda hard thinking up of a 9/11 joke with the title especially when I could have used some Jet Fuel Can't Melt Steel Beams joke, but whatever.  Third, let's see how long we can adapt to the new arc princess, Tama. 

We start off with knowing how Sanji and Co. survived the storm as Luffy inflated himself like a Dobson drawing and had his crew jump off of him.  However, that octopus from the last chapter grabbed onto Luffy and made him and the Sunny get sucked into the whirlpool.  Fast forward to the present, as Luffy has survived and lost his Vivre Card from the storm.  As Luffy is about to fight the baboon guard, Kaido's men bring in some damsel in distress named Tama, isn't she adorable?  Fortunately, Luffy makes quick work of these men and saves Tama. 

We then learn more about Tama.  Just like her fellow countrymen, Kinemon and Kanjuro, Tama has a weird DF power which lets her take off a piece of her cheek to form food, so it's a combination of the Mochi Mochi Fruit and the Cook Cook Fruit.  With this cheek kibi-dango, the baboon becomes friendly and follows Luffy and Tama along with the Komainu from last week.  At Tama's home, Luffy is fed the rice that Tama is suppose to eat on her 8th birthday.  Tama prefers to starve herself mainly because she's poor and also dreams of becoming a ninja.  Luffy also meets a Tengu who serves as Tama's master and gets mad at Luffy and Tama, but it's cut short as Tama becomes ill due to drinking polluted water from Kaido's factory.  I guess Luffy and the Straw Hats will have to make some environment PSAs. 

More importantly, Tama revealed that she made a promise to Ace of all people that she needs to stay at her home.  Jesus, did she not hear about the news from two years ago?!  It seems Tama is the one who taught Ace to make hats when he came to Wano. Finally, we already know that Apoo and X-Drake work for Kaido, but now we're adding Hawkins into the mix as he too works for Kaido now.  So, why did Hawkins and Apoo betray Kidd?  Where is Killer?  Is Hawkins the Bege of the Wano Arc?

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