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Well well well, Oda sure does love Game of Thrones so much that he made a throne inspired by it, but let's get to the chapter. 

We start off with Big Mom talking to Kaido of all people about who should beat Luffy as well as something that Kaido owes Big Mom to.  Was it likely that Kaido was one of Big Mom's husbands?  Was Kaido the father of Katakuri, Daifuku, and Oven in a way?  There's also a chance of seeing Kizaru in the Wano Arc since he asked Sakazuki on whether or not he should go, but the samurai are a force to be reckon with.  It's also good to see Garp being his joyful self again. 

We also see Sterry being himself again as he witnesses the Empty Throne which symbolizes the peace around the world even though we don't have any peace, but I find it funny that Sterry wants to sit in it despite it being covered in swords like the actual throne from GoT.

Elsewhere, Shirahoshi is being kidnapped by St. Charloss and it frustrates me to see how no one is allowed to oppose a Celestial Dragon.  It was also cool seeing Stussy, Kaku, and a CP0 agent from the Dressrosa Arc stand with Rob Lucci.  When all seems lost, someone shows a change of heart.  That man is Don Quixote Mjosgard.  Who?  Well, if you forgot, Mjosgard was the Celestial Dragon who landed in Fishman Island and was healed up and saved by Otohime 10 years ago.  When Otohime was killed, Mjosgard recognized the errors of his ways and saved Shirahoshi by clubbing Charloss.  Don't you love it when a d-bag like a CD gets owned?  I sure do.

Finally, the big twist - SHANKS IS TALKING WITH THE GOROSEI!  Why is he here and what pirate does he want to talk about?  It's either Luffy or Blackbeard.  So, this chapter featured 3 out of the 4 Yonko, and I won't be surprised if we get a chapter on the Warlords or the Supernovas next week. 

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