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So, we're finally here in Wano and we get to see some familiar faces for the first time in two years.  So, let's see how this arc begins.

We start off with the Minks near a random village where Nekomamushi is meeting up with Marco.  It seems that Marco is starting to take a Rayleigh-like appearance with the glasses as it's revealed that he was the doctor of the Whitebeard Pirates.  Now serving as a village with doctor with his phoenix powers, we get a calmer side of him.  It's also revealed that this village is where Whitebeard and Ace are buried and we also get into Weevil.  While Weevil and Bakkin are looking for some lost Whitebeard treasure, it turns out Bakkin may have conceived a child with Whitebeard since she was on his ship 40 years ago, so the claims of Weevil being the son of Whitebeard could be true. 

Now, let's go to Wano! We finally see Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Franky for the first time in almost forever. Under their disguises, Franky is working as a carpenter, Usopp is working as a merchant, and Robin is working as a sexy geisha. Now, if only Sanji was here to see Geisha Robin. However, Zoro is in trouble already. Zoro has been accused by a corrupt magistrate of murder, robbing Ryuma's grave, and stealing Ryuma's sword. The main issue is that every Wano official under the Shogun, Orochi reports back to Kaido. Zoro is about to commit seppuku for his "crimes" but has another idea. He chooses to slash a temple in half with the corrupt magistrate with just a small blade.

Well, we just dipped our toes into Wano, what will happen next?

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