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Dammit, I hate when a single chapter gets sandwiched between two breaks, but we have a Japanese holiday next week as all of Weekly Shonen Jump will take that week off. 

So, we start off with an alright fight between 3 Supernovas and right off the bat, Luffy has his dumbass moments.  First, Luffy lying about Kaido badly when Zoro told him he shouldn't have answered Hawkins' question about who runs Wano and second, Luffy not knowing how to use a sword despite Zoro wanting to use it since it's a high ranking sword.  It's funny that Zoro can be foolish when he chooses to pay attention to a sword instead of the enemies. Even with this cursed sword, Luffy, and possibly the other Straw Hats, have a 19% chance to leave Wano after a month.  Please don't let Wano be a month-long arc, Oda.

Yay, a longtime DF name reveal!  With the Straw Straw Fruit, Hawkins can play Plot Armor for a bit by using up to 10 voodoo dolls in order for 10 poor henchmen to take a devastating blow in order to save his life.  Hawkins can also create a straw sword as well as a giant scarecrow.  I found Hawkins use of the Tarot Cards interesting and I hope they come into play later.  Pity that the fight ended because that big dog helped Luffy and Zoro escape.

Finally, we get more Wano citizens.  We meet the woman that Zoro rescued, Tsuru (not to be confused with the old lady in the Marines).  Fortunately for Tama, Tsuru runs a tea shop with herbs that can cure her illness.  Elsewhere, a poster lady name Kiku is being courted by a sumo wrestler named Urashima.  Oh boy, another marry me plotline?  Finally, we see our boys from the Heart Pirates sans Law.  Welcome back Bepo, you were gone for almost 100 chapters. 

Which Straw Hats alliance members will show up and reunite next?

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